I help people embrace life after loss by inspiring them to embark on their own meaningful paths.

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Empowering Widows & Finding Strength in Unique Journeys.

I don’t care for the term grief expert! Who wants to be an expert in grief? Not me!

To me that means you have experienced every type of loss imaginable, and I think that would be a terrible burden to bear. I like to refer to myself as an Experienced Griever. I’ve have survived many losses in my lifetime from leaving home at the age of 16, my physical safety, changing jobs, death of grandparents, end of friendships, relationships, divorce, and my own identity but the most significant have been the recent cumulative losses. The loss of my Godson, my Husband, my Eye to a rare cancer Ocular Melanoma, my Brother, and a life changing diagnosis of Stage IV liver cancer.

So, what makes me different than any other Widow? Absolutely nothing!

But we all have a story and mine is a story of resilience!

Over the past 5 years I have struggled with grief like every other person until I realized I was the one putting limitations on my grief! I was the one holding myself back from moving forward and living life. I was the one keeping myself from being happy. I am the one stopping myself from loving again.

Everyone says there is no right or wrong way to grieve, but we still keep ourselves in line with societal norms. There are these unspoken rules of grief and how we should live our lives until the time society deems we are ready to move forward.

You must be sad enough to prove you are grieving, but not so sad to be considered depressed. You can cry, but not so much that it makes others uncomfortable. You can talk about your spouse, but only on special occasions when it’s more appropriate.

Take all the time you need, but not so much that it inconveniences anyone else. You can be happy, but not so happy that it looks like you didn’t love your spouse. You can find love again, but not too soon because no one actually wants to see it.

There are too many rules and too many contradictions!

This is why I started the podcast; Love is not dead, Just my husband! Having navigated the complexities of grief, I bring a unique perspective to empower and inspire others to move forward with resilience, grace, and authenticity.

Life as a widow doesn’t have to be full of grief, pain and loneliness. Through the loss we can find strength, courage, independence and new beginnings. The only way to get there is to Widow Your Way!

Workshops & Keynotes

Widow Your Way!

Empowering widows to embrace their unique journey, shed societal expectations, and find their authentic path through grief.

In this engaging discussion, I share my experience in defying societal norms and breaking the stereotypes surrounding widowhood. Drawing from personal anecdotes, I delve into the contradictions and unsaid rules imposed on widows. Attendees can expect a candid exploration of the challenges widows face in societal expectations and learn to prioritize self-kindness over external opinions.

Happily Even After!

Inspiring people to see beyond grief, recognize their individuality, and find opportunities for joy and happiness in their ongoing journey.

This topic focuses on the beauty that life can still offer after loss. I guide participants to express gratitude for the shared life and memories, emphasizing that the restrictions on grief are personal choices. Through this discussion, attendees will learn to give themselves grace, discover joy in small moments, and realize that life after loss can be fulfilling and meaningful.

Understanding Grief in the Workplace!

Tailored for businesses and HR professionals, this discussion addresses the importance of compassion and support for bereaved employees dealing with grief in the workplace. Leveraging my own experiences and HR background, I guide organizations in creating a workplace culture that acknowledges and accommodates grief. Attendees can expect practical insights to foster a supportive environment for grieving employees, enhancing overall well-being and productivity.

Additional HR consulting, policy guidance, leadership coaching, empathy workshops, and conflict resolution support available.

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Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I speak on rewriting the narrative of life after loss. My talks empower audiences to find purpose, embrace change, and discover resilience on their unique journeys.

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