About Rebecca

Every Widow deserves to live Happily Even After!

I’m the voice behind the podcast: Love is not dead, Just my husband

Where we navigate the twists of life with resilience and a touch of laughter. Life has dealt me a series of unimaginable challenges, including the heart-wrenching losses of loved ones and living with a rare eye cancer that has no cure.

But here’s the thing—I’m not just here to share my story. I’m on a mission, and you’re a part of it.

What happens when you Widow Your Way?

Widowhood is more than grief, pain, and loneliness; it’s a journey marked by strength, courage, independence, and new beginnings. As Widows, we walk a bittersweet line of sorrow and joy, often seeking hope and acceptance amid the complexities of moving forward.

Life after loss isn’t just about surviving; it’s about painting a new canvas with stories of strength, love, and downright happiness. It’s about defying the odds and societal norms, breaking free from the stereotypical mold of Widows.

We’re not just grieving Widows; we’re individuals with a life to live and a desire to live happily even after!

Rebecca Johnson

Life & Loss Coach

We all have a story!

My Story

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Rebecca, your new favorite Widow and Podcast Host of Love is not dead, Just my husband.

Yes… you read that right! And if you felt a little shock, sadness, relief and laughter you now have a little feeling of what it’s been like for me since my husband Tom died in 2018. My journey through grief has been no different from anyone else’s. So, what makes me different from any other widow?

Absolutely Nothing! But… We all have a story!

Mine is a story of resilience! Despite multiple losses and living with a incurable eye cancer, I choose to find the positive in everything. I choose to accept life’s tragedies knowing there is a meaning.

Grief and loss have been my greatest catalyst for change. I now see life and myself differently. I find the extraordinary in the ordinary. I’ve replaced my attitude with gratitude! I have rediscovered who I am and learning to love myself for the very first time ever. I choose to live life and not merely survive it!

And through it all ignoring the naysayers and widowing my own way!

What if…

What if my pain wasn’t in vain? What if there are others struggling and I could help?

“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide” Brene Brown

I never thought in a million years that my story would be inspiring to anyone! I hated sharing what happened to me because I thought it was sad and depressing. I even referred to myself as a sad, lonely, cancerous widow!

It wasn’t until a few years after my husband died that I finally hit my rock bottom as a Widow. I was floating along in life expecting the worse and completely forgot what happiness felt like. Fake it until you make it was my motto!

It wasn’t one single thing that happened that made me realize I needed to live, it was a million little things. But the question was how? I felt like I was starting back at zero all over again because I didn’t really process my grief as I should have. I pushed it to the side, taking care of all the things just moving on like nothing ever happened. This is not the way!

It wasn’t until after I lost my brother and meeting an amazing group of women on a wellness retreat in Mexico that I felt seen and heard. I felt that my grief was acknowledged for the very first time and I could actual see a glimmer of hope. The amount of love and support shown to me by a group of strangers was the most transformational point of my grief journey. I wanted to do the same for other Widows!

A few months later I was inspired to start sharing my story and decided to start a podcast. Not the story of a sad, lonely, cancerous widow; but the true story of pain, loss, survival, triumph, resilience, faith and hope! The story of learning what love truly means!

I know now, the world needs my story and yours too!

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